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Conscious Evolution with Swami Parameshwar Das Maharaj and Becky Morrison

Conscious Evolution


With Swami Parameshwar Das Maharaj & Becky Morrison

Cape Town Programs: Sunday November 17, 2019

AWAKE yoga studio, the Point Mall, 76 Regent Road, Sea Point

R350 each or R600 for both

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Contact 084 820 1054 for more info


Ever notice how you repeat the same behaviors even when you try to change them? Our personality is full of patterns that either support or limit us, and although many patterns
 are unconscious, they can still be altered. 

  • Receive an introduction to patterns as the fundamental building blocks of personality

  • Identify at least one pattern in your life that is limiting or counter-productive

  • Practice a technique for dissolving this pattern and create a new pattern that will serve you

QUANTUM HEALING - 2:30pm - 5:30pm

We evolve through self-awareness, and energetic mastery to raise our frequency and consciousness. We have designed this program so that you:

  • Have a new perception of who you are and experience the limitless healing power available within you

  • Understand your energetic subtle anatomy and multidimensionality, and opportunities to expand and use your energy

  • Develop a new relationship with your energy and ability to work with it to serve yourself, others, and the planet

This program also includes a special energetic initiation so you can offer healing energy to yourself, and others in person or long distance.



For the first time ever, these teachers are visiting Cape Town, united by their passion for spiritual evolution and the opportunity to share their experience and teachings. What makes them unique?

  • They offer diverse backgrounds including entrepreneur, psychologist, management consultant, spiritual coach, and dancer.

  • They bridge spirituality with business, entertainment and science.

  • They have spent decades as teachers and healing practitioners around the world, dedicating themselves to people learning to empower themselves in their lives.

  • They have learned and practiced as students the universal teachings of an enlightened master, Her Holiness Sai Maa, for a combined total of over 45 years.

Swami Parameshwar Das Maharaj (Swamiji) has been a husband, student and Ph.D. psychologist, management consultant and consulting firm partner, nonprofit executive and executive coach. He is also the father of Becky Morrison! In addition to teaching and coaching around the world, he has published six books on transformation and spirituality. His 25-year consulting career included organization, leadership and team development, leading a practice for Japanese and foreign-owned companies, and working on global reform at UNICEF. He was initiated as a Brahmachari (monk) 15 years ago, and as a Mahamandaleshwar earlier this year, representing recognition as a spiritual leader in a 2700 year old Hindu lineage. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and will be moving to Varanasi, India in 2020.

 Becky Morrison is an award-winning film and TV producer based in Brooklyn, NY. She got her start on Hollywood blockbusters like I AM LEGEND, THE BRAVE ONE and the Disney animated film THE WILD. She then went on to produce the visual content for U2’s world tour. In 2012 she produced the show open for NBC’s Sunday Night Football which was nominated for an Emmy. She is the founder and president of two companies: Globetops, a non-profit organization that distributes used laptops around the world, and The Light a production company dedicated to disrupting and innovating the short-form production model. Becky has been leading transformational programs for over a decade, with a unique approach to teaching of humor, precision and authenticity. She is a professional dancer who performs internationally.


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Absolute Beginners Workshop

Yoga is a means of harmonizing our various Systems (Digestive, Nervous, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Circulatory etc.), vitality, the mind, intellectual and feeling states, to elevate wellbeing and consciousness.

An Introduction to various Yoga Techniques: Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing), Mudra (gestures), Bandha (energy locks), Shatkarma (cleansing), Meditation (focused mental state) and Yoga Nidra (conscious relaxation).  

An experiential workshop with sequences and practices for exploring and feeling the following topics: Optimal Digestion & Joints, Neuromuscular Release, Lymphatic/Immune Health, Muscular-Skeletal Positive Alignment, Balancing The Nervous System, Regulating Endocrine Function, Cultivating a Positive Mental State and The Intuitive Physiology of Yoga.

COST of Beginners Workshop: R300

Spaces are Limited so please book.

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HEAL and Restore with Justine Barnes

HEAL and RESTORE- our gift to you

A 90 minute Restorative Yoga Experience that includes only seated postures with the aid of props to seek physical, mental and emotional relaxation for deep healing to take place. All Levels Welcome.

Justine Barnes guides the class.

Cost: no charge, this HEAL & RESTORE Experience is our gift to you.

Please book your space, as spaces are limited. Thank you

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Yoga Therapy Workshop
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Yoga Therapy Workshop

Yoga is a means of harmonizing our various Systems (Digestive, Nervous, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Circulatory etc.), vitality, the mind, intellectual and feeling states, to elevate wellbeing and consciousness; releasing dormant energy, uncovering latent potential and awakening our highest creative expression.


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