How To Enhance Childhood Development and Learning

Our development during the early years is influenced by neurophysiology, neurochemistry and neuroanatomy. Often the challenges with learning and behaviour can be traced back to irregularities in this neural network.

The mind and body functions through a complex interplay of many systems (including the nervous system, digestive system, visual system, auditory system, sensory-motor system, endocrine system ,vestibular system and so on) ; and there are Systematic, Scientific Yoga practices that focus on and enhance all of the above and more.

What is most exciting is that even if part of a system or brain is damaged it is possible to reroute, and activate all the supporting structures. Often we think that the mind must be used to figure something out, but the reverse is also true in that we can use our body, breath connection to awaken, heal and create new neural pathways in the mind.

Regularly teaching in schools and the Kids Classes at AWAKE Yoga Studio, I see first hand how yoga aids all levels of learning, and positively enhances children’s coping mechanisms and behaviour.

Yoga also eases numerous childhood ailments, such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, headaches, anxiety, autism, dyspraxia and the list goes on even to constipation ... yip all kids absolutely love - Pawanmuktasana Gas Release Pose. I know I’ve done my job when everyone has a real belly laugh.

Learning to balance and find balance not only enhances all the systems, but also builds confidence and a true sense of self. Children find that quiet space to discover themselves in a very tangible way, with grounding their feet into the earth to feel more supported. Finding a fixed point to focus on in order to easily hold balance. Lengthening and slowing down their breath, to slow their heart rate and ease their mind.

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